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  Acres of Diamonds of Opportunity in the New Year


January 22nd is the start of the Lunar New Year, or as you may know it, the Chinese New Year. Much of the world, especially in Asia, will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit over the next two weeks. Rabbits, which have been considered a symbol of fortune for over 2,000 years according to NPR, symbolize longevity, peace, and prosperity.

"The Chinese Lunar New Year is a time of reunion for everyone to come together," said Sunny Yang from the Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Pittsburgh. "It's also a time to celebrate and to reflect, to sing of the joys of the start of next year, and light the path so we can go forward."

To light the path forward, what are your New Year's goals that will help you find your fortune? (Note, as an executive and business coach I can help you and your organization through this process. Contact me to get this scheduled.)

Acres of Diamonds

Russell H. Conwell, speaker and minister, delivered the motivational talk Acres of Diamonds over 6,000 times between 1877 to 1925. Here is the parable as summarized by Sarah Ban Breathnach in her book Simple Abundance:

"The story Conwell told in his lecture had enormous appeal. It recounted the life of a Persian farmer named Ali Hafed who sold his farm and left his family to travel the world in search of wealth. He looked everywhere but he could not find the diamonds he lusted after. Finally, alone and in despair as a homeless pauper, he ended his own life. His search for riches had consumed him. In the meantime, the man who bought the land from Hafed was grateful for every blade of grass that was now his and lavished love and hard work on his farm. At night, surrounded by his family and eating the fruits of his labor, he was a contented man. Finally, one day he made a remarkable discovery. In the backyard that Ali Hafed had abandoned was a diamond mind — literally an acre of diamonds. The simple farmer became wealthy beyond his wildest dreams."

"Conwell used this parable to illustrate an extraordinary and wonderful message: within each of us lies a wellspring of abundance and the seeds of opportunity. Where is your acre of diamonds? We all have an acre of diamonds waiting to be discovered, cherished, and mined."


As Russell Conwell said, "There is an acre of diamonds of opportunity if we look in our own back yards. Common sense is your map, spade, and knowledge. Opportunities are all around you in serving your current customers, in your current job, and more. Acres of Diamonds are within yourself, your family, neighbor, job, and country. Change your attitude, not locations or vocations. Opportunities are all around."

Mike, a consummate entrepreneur, shared his wisdom during my "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" research (p. 163 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose). He had founded and led numerous profitable technology-based public companies that reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in return to investors. Mike insists, "Opportunity is everywhere. You have to be open. Be open to people and things you meet. Take advantage of all experiences and learn from them. The people thing is a key piece. People I have worked with over the years provide learning and open my eyes to new ways to do things. Those people nurture you, educate you, fund you, and provide support, encouragement, new ideas, and all that. People interaction is one of the most important textiles of life."

Practical Pointers for Finding Your Acre of Diamonds

BE AWARE. Set the intention to see opportunities and hear guiding messages.
BE PRESENT. Strive to hear your inner messages. Get quiet. Meditate. Pray so you can hear God speaking to you. Go in nature.
BE AROUND PEOPLE. Engage intellectually and emotionally with fellow beings. Play with children. Love people.
MOVE. Exercise to improve life force so you'll be more aware and open. As Mike said, "Keep exercising to be connected to life."
ATTRACT. Use the Attraction Strategy (p. 155 of Pursuit of Passionate Purpose). Set a broad intention and be open to the possibilities. Believe, visualize, and affirm getting it. Feel passionately about getting it. Take action and engage others to get it. Let go of attachment to a particular outcome.
AFFIRM. Say, "I am open to the opportunities that are everywhere and I embrace the ones that are right for me."
7. WORK WITH A COACH. As an executive and business coach I can help you and your organization through this process. Contact me to get this scheduled. As one coaching client, Ken Musto, said, "Theresa has helped me a great deal. I am a Creative Director in the Advertising business and currently working toward growing my career and building my own agency. Theresa's insightful ideas and smart strategies have really moved my progress along. Thanks to Theresa's inspirational coaching, I now have a clear picture of what I want and all the motivation and tools to get it."


Follow the guidance of world marathon champion Mark Plaatjes and world-class runner Johnny Halberstadt, "Your attitude defines your altitude." Opportunities are all around. What are your goals for the New Year that will help you find your fortune? If you're open to the possibilities, you'll find your acre of diamonds.

Theresa M. Szczurek, Ph.D.
C-Level Executive, Corporate Director, Consultant, and Colorado CIO of the Year

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