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Passionate Purpose
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Introducing the Book


Ten practices to turn a good life into a great life and reap real rewards

"Pursuit of Passionate Purpose brings needed shape and structure for developing and benefiting from a clear sense of purpose in your own life. Szczurek writes about a soft subject with strategies of substance. Her ideas will open your eyes and your thinking about purpose."

Mark Sanborn, Author
The Fred Factor: How Passion in your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

In the News

"Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" advances to #4 on the Amazon Business bestseller list, #16 on the Amazon Overall bestseller list, and #5 on the 800-CEO-READ Top Daily bestseller list.   Buy it here — or anywhere!

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Theresa's Blog is an interesting and useful gathering point on business performance and how to improve it. In the process, discover everything from lithium ion battery packs to elevator pitches and the Texas message to Bubba.

"Theresa is one-of-a-kind. She provides a drive and focus on every project she touches. She does not allow failure. She does not allow fuzzy vision as to the next steps or desired end point. At the same time, she is flexible and creative. She is a light and leader in our world."

Bill Phillips, Vice President
Storage Technology Corporation


Theresa M. Szczurek, PhD (Boulder, CO), helps organizations and individuals succeed by aligning their passions with purpose. An award-winning business leader and speaker featured in Fortune and other publications, she has served such clients as AT&T, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, and Brown University. She is an award-winning speaker, consultant, author and experienced entrepreneur whose company sold for over $40 million.

She specializes in worldwide marketing of innovation, entrepreneurship and business incubation, strategic business planning, organizational development, advancement of women in business and technology, and pursuits of passionate purpose.