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Introducing the Book


Ten practices to turn a good life into a great life and reap real rewards

"A must-have for every personal library. With clairvoyance, the author builds on her own struggle toward success and couples it with research to put forth a sure-fire method for achievement available to anyone. Pursuit of Passionate Purpose charts the path to success in business or in life. It's a page-turner!"

Anne Steinbeck
Past President
Business and Professional Women


"A great process for living a life of passion while achieving your heart's desire. Full of real-life examples that will inspire you to look deep at your life, your business and your dreams, then move forward with clarity and purpose."

Larry Winget, Author
Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life!

Most Requested Programs

Pursuit of Passionate Purpose: Success Strategies for a Rewarding Personal and Business Life
Organizations are asking, "How can we improve productivity, retain the best people, and generate superior financial performance?" People are asking, "How can I make a great living, have more fun while working, and make a meaningful difference?" Organizations and leaders alike seek the secrets to a successful business and life. Szczurek's answers, developed through extensive research and by overcoming personal challenges, come from finding individuals' passions, aligning them with organizational purpose, and keeping the fire burning while persistently pursuing what you and your people want. It boils down to 'Passion x Purpose = Profits.' Based on a proven formula from the Amazon best-selling book Pursuit of Passionate Purpose (Wiley), this high-content and entertaining session helps you and your organization produce extraordinary results. Learn practical pointers for growing your business, managing people, and living life with more passion, more purpose, more profit, and more success!

Turn Innovations into Real Income: Secrets to High Growth Business Success
The best innovation in the world is worthless if it sits on the buyer's shelf unused or, worse yet, if it sits unsold collecting dust. To produce income and grow your business, your innovations must be successfully introduced and implemented into the marketplace. Szczurek shares a practical technique which has the potential to transform your business and greatly increase profitability.

Champions of Technological Change: How Organizations Successfully Market Innovation
One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is how to successfully bring new products to market. The answer revolves around building champions of change. In this participative program based on original research published in Szczurek’s groundbreaking book, Champions of Technological Change, we explore how interactions between certain key people in the organization affect overall success of the innovation. These internal and external change agents help maximize user satisfaction, diffusion, and profitability. You'll learn a practical formula for improving your top and bottom line.

Go With the Flow! How Managing Polarities Can Produce Extraordinary Revenue Streams and Results
Let's face it; most of us bounce recklessly between spending too much time marketing programs and not enough developing them or vice versa; between work and personal stuff; or between our logical head and our feeling heart. These and a thousand other flip-flop "polarities" in your life are eating up your creative energy and a lot of your potential income! For entrepreneur Theresa Szczurek, "Go with the flow" isn't a slogan — it's a way to dramatically increase your revenue. She should know since she built a technology company and sold it for $40 million in a brief six-year span. In her book Pursuit of Passionate Purpose you can also read about one client who achieved 2,800% revenue growth in five years. If you'd like to do even half that, get in on this highly practical session!

From $0 to $40 Million in Six Entrepreneurial Light Years: Pursuit of Passionate Purpose
Many dream of starting their own entrepreneurial venture. Few take the plunge, and even fewer succeed. Radish Communications Systems combined a vision for a better way to communicate along with the founders' core values. The result was a thrilling roller coaster ride that produced a new industry, a company with heart, and surprising personal challenges. Radish’s co-founder shares the formula she used to overcome these hurdles and build a successful enterprise. You'll learn entrepreneurial principles used in the pursuit of passionate purpose that can help organizations and leaders fulfill dreams.

Motivating Your Team: Ways to Keep The Fire Burning and Produce Extraordinary Prosperity through the Pack Strategy
What’s your most valuable, and expensive, resource? People. Yet too often that resource is unproductive, burned out, and just going through the motions. When people are motivated and passionate, great outcomes result — quickly, easily, and profitably. The Pack Strategy is the solution for packing energizers and unpacking hindrances that reduce motivation. Theresa Szczurek presents a practical guide that helps people stay motivated by fostering their passion, focusing it toward a meaningful organizational purpose, and reaping, by extension, real rewards. Discover a formula that can re-energize you and your employees resulting in more productivity, profit, meaning, and fun.

Becoming a Champion of Change
Change is constant. Businesses and their leaders struggle to successfully recognize the need for and manage change. The answer revolves around taking charge and becoming a champion of change. With audience interaction, learn a process you can use to make and sustain positive changes. Szczurek shares provocative techniques for change that have applications in our business and personal lives.

Practical and Passionate Persistence: A Success Strategy to Help You Achieve When the Going Gets Tough
When the going gets tough, the winner is the one that keeps going. This is easier said than done, unless you use the Persistence Strategy. You'll hear how true achievers persist and win — from best-selling author of Good to Great, Jim Collins, to world marathon champion, Mark Plaatjes, to mindfulness meditation teacher, Shinzen Young, and other successful business leaders. Using case studies, you'll learn a practical approach to persevere and succeed.

Extraordinary Customer Programs: Building Sales Revenues and Profits by Having Happy Customers as Your Champions
Firms are scrambling for enhanced profitability. What is a company's most critical resource to impact the bottom line? Customers. This session offers real-world experience and lessons learned in conducting dozens of Customer Forums via live meetings and conferencing that result in customer relationships that drive sales revenue. Marketing and Sales, when most effective, drive a change process, optimally changing prospects into customers and customers into impassioned advocates. These champions, or Passionate Pursuers, are living sales references whose passion is aligned with your organization's purpose of increasing customer satisfaction, sales, product enhancements, and more. Come learn how to change customers into champions, the role you can play in this process, and the theory underlying this transformation. See a demonstration of a Customer Forum run via an audio/web conference.

Customized Presentations and Workshops
These are also available on a range of strategic planning, marketing/sales, organizational/leadership development, and entrepreneurship topics.

Partial List of Speaking Clients
American Marketing Association, Associated Consultants International, Association of Telecommunications Professionals, AT&T, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, Brown University, Business and Professional Women, Change Maker Network, City of Westminster (Colorado), Colorado Technology Association, Colorado Technology Incubator (CTEK), Community Access TV, Economics Institute, Global Crossing Conferencing, Health Financial Management Association, I Have A Dream Foundation, Institute of Management Accountants, International Association of Volunteer Administrators, Polish Chamber of Commerce (Warsaw), Regis University, Rotary International, The Saltwater Institute, Stanford University, State of Colorado, Storage Technology Corporation, University of Colorado, US Small Business Administration, Vistage, Women's Economic Summit.