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Passionate Purpose
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Introducing the Book


Ten practices to turn a good life into a great life and reap real rewards

"Outstanding! — not only for those in business, but for every heart searching for fulfillment."

Janice A. Stachyra
Board of Trustees
Hillside Library

About Us
Theresa M. Szczurek, PhD (Boulder, CO), helps organizations and individuals succeed by aligning their passions with purpose. An award-winning business leader and speaker featured in Fortune and other publications, she has served such clients as AT&T, the Polish Chamber of Commerce, and Brown University. She is an award-winning speaker, consultant, author and experienced entrepreneur whose company sold for over $40 million.

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Specializing In

Worldwide marketing of innovation
Entrepreneurship and business incubation
Strategic business planning
Organizational development
Advancement of women in business and technology
Pursuits of passionate purpose
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