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Introducing the Book


Ten practices to turn a good life into a great life and reap real rewards

"Anyone who has ever wondered how to reach a successful and balanced life will find Theresa's story and suggestions invaluable. A mother's spiritual heart is combined with a very successful record of education and business experience to provide tools for all involved in profit and nonprofit enterprises."

David H. Leonard
Mountain Desert District
Unitarian Universalist

Szczurek Success Strategies

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In 2019 Theresa received a great opportunity and honor to make a meaningful difference in the lives of ALL Coloradans when Governor Polis appointed her as the State of Colorado's Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Office of Information Technology.

Needless to say, Theresa's consulting practice was put on hold while she did the job of "serving people serving Colorado" although she did post newsletters occasionally to stay in touch. Now in 2020, she has moved on and is again posting about transitions, customer delight, management of information technology, and more.

The newsletters 2010 through 2018 apply the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" approach to practical aspects of running a business and living a balanced life. Here you'll find a diary of a tech start-up — Radish Systems — that's using these success principles.

The 2009 newsletter highlights practical actions you can take to Survive and Thrive. In addition, we talk about themes. The best themes encourage you to stretch, are easy to remember, are fun, and keep you focused on important metrics.

At the beginning of 2008, I realized I had achieved my past year's prosperity goals. But that achievement came at a huge price. The 2008 newsletter explores this topic. You'll also get much practical information for dealing with the economic downturn and turning the worst of times into the best.

The newsletter in 2007 focuses on "New Heights" — as in PROSPERITY (make more money), PRODUCTIVITY (work fewer hours), and PASSION (have more fun). You'll learn about boosting sales at your company and creating a future distinct from the past by shifting your thinking.

The 2006 newsletter analyzes business performance as the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose." In each monthly installment, a specific company challenge is presented. Then we discuss the success strategies and the case study that solved the problem.

The newsletter in 2005 focuses on the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" process in action. You'll discover how to assess progress and pause for prosperity and then find out about the "Nine SUNFLOWER Traits of Passionate Pursuers."

The 2004 newsletter highlights each of the "Twelve Practices of Prosperity" as described in my presentations, consulting, coaching, products, and book, Pursuit of Passionate Purpose. You'll learn how to find what you want in work and life — the real rewards of meaning, satisfaction, results, financial gain, and more.

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How can we help you soar? What pressing challenges keep you up at night? The core work of Technology and Management Solutions is to help organizations and leaders produce extraordinary results. We provide solutions that solve critical problems, build customer relationship programs, empower employees, and enable company leaders to positively impact the top and the bottom-line.

"This past week, CTEK needed to undertake some very serious self analysis to determine our future direction from a strategic point of view, and also to drill down into tactical, real-world action items to take us toward the fulfillment of our objectives.

I have had much experience with transitions such as this, but I am confident that your knowledge, objectivity, and independence enabled you to do what no one within the organization itself could have accomplished. I have never experienced a situation where the challenged participants actually applauded the facilitator at the end of each session.

Thank you so much for your fine work."
    Gary Held, CEO, CTEK